• Support Asian-owned Businesses

  • In addition to the dire situation caused by the COVID pandemic, the Asian community is shouldering an additional and increasing burden of anti-Asian violence across the nation. The Greater Austin Asian Chamber of Commerce believes in the sanctity and nobility of each human life and upholds the values of our free and diverse nation to offer opportunities to everyone who calls America home to live, work and contribute to our economy and community in peace and security.

    We call on our community to support our local Asian businesses, as supporting Asian businesses means supporting Asian communities. Asian businesses are often more than just places that offer goods and services. They are community spaces for meeting and connection. They are cultural hubs and platforms for local artists. They provide programs and resources that the community needs.

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  • This past year, our organization partnered with University of Texas students to analyze how COVID-19 has impacted the AAPI business community in Austin. See our findings by clicking on the powerpoint.