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  • September 2019 Newsletter

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    September 03, 2019
    We hope that everyone had a restful Labor Day weekend! With this holiday in mind, we want to call
    your attention to the gender pay gap. This gap a result of many factors, including occupational
    segregation, bias against working mothers, and direct pay discrimination. Additionally, such things as
    racial bias, disability, access to education, and age come into play.
    Asian Pacific American (APA) women are paid $.85 for every $1 paid to non-Hispanic men. When you
    dis-aggregate the data, the gap is even larger. Vietnamese women earn $.64, Thai women earn $.60, and
    Burmese women earn only $.50, making them some of the lowest paid. This range is a reason why
    GAACC always advocates for disaggregated data for the APA community.
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