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  • GACC's Women's Club holds the first event of the year

    The Greater Austin Asian Chamber of Commerce held its first event of the year on Thursday, January 13th. The event was arranged by GAACC's women's club that was held via zoom due to the current COVID-19 situation. 

    The event was sponsored by TSO Chinese delivery.

    Laura Fowler, a seasoned Austin lawyer and a former member of the GAACC women's club was the main speaker who shared her presentation on the topic “being the boss instead of getting bossed around”. 

    Stephanie AH Louie – who leads GAACC's women's club, welcomed the guests and said the women's club used to be a big event in the past adding that she is restarting it.

    “We are restarting so it's really exciting and I am very happy to see everybody here,” she added.

    Eunice Tsang, co-owner of TSO said she was honored to sponsor an event like this. She thanked the organizers and pledged to continue to support GAACC in the future too.

    Addressing the event, Fang Fang, Che if Executive Officer of the GAACC said she took charge of the organization two years ago and it was very exciting for her to see the transition.

    “This transition really gave me the inspiration, and hope and I love this trust that you gave to me and I hope that this is a good transition symbol for our organization to grow smoothly with the help of the two generations of leadership and members who joined us today no matter you have been with us forever or you joined us today,” she said. 

    She talked about the club and how it used to be a very big event and why the members loved it, 

    “It's about the intimate setting, it's about safe space that we create, its about this open-mindedness, multi-tasking, women related topic that we feel that we can explore and then its also about the support we feel from our group,” she added. 

    Laura Fowler, the main speaker of the event who was also awarded as GACC member of the year in 2017 gave an insightful presentation about how to be the boss and the legal aspects of owning and operating a company. 

    Her lecture was followed by questions from the participants. 
    Video of the full event is available on GAACC's Facebook page which can be accessed here