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  • Economic Growth Business Incubator (EGBI)


    Business Development Services

    About Us

    EGBI provides training, coaching, and support to aspiring and existing business owners to grow a successful business.


    Protecting Your Business
    • Learn from the experts about protecting your business and yourself from liability issues.
    • Tuesday Oct 26, 2021
    Bookkeeping And Business Taxes
    • Learn from the experts about the best practices on Bookkeeping & Business Taxes. Put to rest any concerns if all is being handled correctly.
    • Tuesday Nov 2, 2021
    Business & Payroll Taxes
    • Learn from a tax accountant what you need to know to keep Uncle Sam off your back. Call us at 512-928-2594 with any questions.
    • Tuesday Nov 9, 2021
    Social Media Workshop
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