• International Initiatives

  • GAACC supports the region’s economic relationships with Asia. We are a resource both for local businesses expanding to Asia as well as Asian businesses entering the U.S. market. We partner with the City of Austin's Global Business Recruitment & Expansion Division and support the Asian cities that make up their international programs which includes the Sister City (citizen and business driven), Science City (municipal partnership with select cities of the International Association of Science Parks) and Creative City (municipal partnership with select UNESCO cities).

    We make one annual trip to Asia to initiate new and strengthen existing relationships with trade promotion agencies, chamber partners, science parks and incubators, and to promote Austin as an entry point for expansion. In July 2016, we supported Austin Mayor Steve Adler's business delegation to four Asian countries. We helped with the selection of the cities visited, planning of agenda for the delegates, connection with existing partners, provision of cultural training prior to the trip and participated in the delegation.

    From 2016 to 2017, we managed the ATX+PAK Launch Program, connecting the startup ecosystems of Austin and Lahore, Pakistan. Read more

    Inbound to Austin
    Are you an Asian Pacific American owned or Asian based business? Find out why Austin might be a great fit for your company to relocate or expand to. Read more

    Are you a startup from Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan (partners of the City of Austin)? Capital Factory runs the City’s Touchdown Austin program, a full-service soft-landing facility for advanced startups and SMEs. Read more

    Outbound to Asia
    Are you a local business or startup interested in exporting or expanding to Asia? Are you missing out on this dynamic market? The map below shows comparative GDP of main economies in Asia. Read about resources in Asia