• Help with Racist Incidents

  • The COVID-19 pandemic is causing much disruption, fear and stress. This has led to racial profiling towards the Asian Pacific American (APA) community. To help folks deal with this, we hosted a webinar on how to deal with racist incidents, click below for the recording:

    GAACC strongly denounces the use of the words China or Chinese virus to refer to the coronavirus and COVID-19 illness as it contributes to the patently wrong perception that APAs are to blame. APAs have experienced racist acts and attacks related to this viewpoint. The Asian Pacific Policy and Planning Council (A3PCON) along with the Chinese for Affirmative Action (CAA) non profits have created a site for reporting coronavirus-related incidents. In the first week that the site was up, 650 incidents were reported.

    GAACC is working with partner APA organizations, the Hate Crime Commission and the Anti-Defamation League to do everything we can to minimize such incidents. This includes education, outreach, and monitoring local incidents. Click here to read Austin Statesman March 20 editorial which we helped with.

    If you experience any micro-aggressions, racial profiling, or any sort of attacks verbal - whether it’s a dirty look, a racial slur or something worse - some tips are provided below:

    1. Dial 911 if you are in any danger
    2. If there are people around you, approach ONE person to help (people are more likely to respond individually, rather than as a group). You can say "This person is being rude and I am feeling threatened. Can you walk me to my car?"
    3. If you are witnessing an incident and there is no danger, approach the victim and move away together. If you can video the incident safely, then more action can be taken, either reporting to the police, or calling it out on social media
    4. Please report incidents to the Asian American Community Health Initiative click here

    GAACC member Fowler Law Firm has also offered a no charge consultation if you've been a target, call 512.441.1411 and Act To Change has multilingual resources on how to deal with bullying.