• ATX+PAK Launch

  • The City of Austin was awarded a grant from the Department of State that will connect the vibrant community of entrepreneurs and investors in the local startup ecosystem to those in the emerging startup scene in Pakistan. GAACC will be managing the Austin based activities of the grant.

    The program will introduce local entrepreneurs and accelerators to opportunities in Pakistan, provide access for Pakistani startups to funders and mentors, as well as provide a platform for collaboration and joint talent development between Austin and Pakistan.

    There will be four cohorts of Pakistani startups who will travel to Austin for training, exposure and mentorship over a two year period. Each training will culminate in a pitching event to area investors. We will also be taking a small group investors to Pakistan at the end of 2016, and host a Creative Collaboration Summit in Austin in 2017.

    The final cohort of Pakistani startups is scheduled to be in Austin in September 2017. For more information, please contact Marina Bhargava by email or at 512-407-8240. Click here for the latest updates on the program, including who the final entrepreneurs are.