• Mentorship for Creatives

  • In 2018, GAACC piloted a mentorship program based on the one by Asian Corporate & Entrepreneur Leaders. We are continuing the program and are looking for experienced business owners or managers who are willing to be mentors in these two areas: career guidance (securing promotions, learning new job skills, new manager) or business development (starting a new enterprise, expanding client base, entering new industry).

    From September 2019 to February 2020, we are offering a shortened program specifically for Asian Pacific American creatives. We will match the artists, musicians, actors, and other creatives with a seasoned entrepreneur to help you with specific business related issues that you are currently facing.
    Mentee Application

    Being a mentor to a younger Asian Pacific American (APA) can allow you to pass on a legacy, gain leadership and coaching skills, and enrich your life and the well-being of the APA community here. Program duration will be about 6 months. Time commitment - the matched pairs must have 1 weekly conversation by email or phone, and meet once a month (don't have to talk by phone that week). GAACC hosted events will count as meetings for that month.
    Mentor Application


    • August - applications for mentors and mentees
    • September - welcome orientation for matched pairs
    • November - midpoint assessment event and/or creatives showcase
    • February 2020 - graduation celebration

    A successful mentoring relationship is grounded in trust. Any breach of confidentiality by any participant will be grounds for dismissal from the program. GAACC will hold your application and evaluations in confidence. However, your aggregate feedback will be used to fine tune our program.

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