• Together to 2020

  • GAACC has aligned our strategic plan to the City of Austin's Strategic Direction 2023 which strives to create a complete community with outcomes around economic opportunity & affordability, mobility, safety, health & environment, culture & lifelong learning, and government that works for all. A key component to this alignment is our TOGETHER TO 2020 plan to grow our membership to 2,020 by the end of the year 2020.

    Our membership levels have been restructured to be more accessible (dues start at just $25/year) and based on benefits (don't pay for benefits you don't use). The table below shows the 4 different tiers available. Executive and Premier membership is by board invitation only. Additionally, our membership runs with the calendar year. If you join in the last quarter of any year, your receive membership through the end of the following year. If you join after January, your dues are prorated according to the month that you sign up.     

    TOGETHER TO 2020
    Join the Community, Find your Voice, Accelerate your Success


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