• Consumer and Corporate Insights

  • Consumer Traits

    According to Nielsen's 2016 report on the Asian American consumer, Culturally Diverse and Expanding Their Footprint, this fastest growing market segment is expanding their geographic footprint in the Midwest and South and affecting mainstream consumer preferences. Highlights from the report (download full report here) include:

    • Asian American population is increasing in the South and Midwest
    • At an aggregate view, Asian Americans are the nation's wealthiest consumers
    • They are particular about their food and technology
    • Asian American owned businesses grew 24% from 2007-2012 and had largest sales increases

  • Corporate Employee Survey

    The Asia Society conducts an annual survey of Asian Pacific American (APA) employees at Fortune 500 corporations and below are highlights from their 2015 APA Corporate Survey (click here to download executive summary).  

    Survey respondents:

    • 41% East Asian
    • 76% First generation/immigrant
    • 48% Master's degree

    Survey highlights:

    • Engagement of APA employees is increasing but
    • APAs are still under-represented at strategic/leadership levels
    • APAs care about company's community involvement
    • Cultural values impact careers
    • APAs care about company's success