• 2018 Committees and Ambassadors

  • Committees

    We are taking applications for members who want to serve on our committees, as ambassadors or liaisons. Each committee is chaired by a GAACC director. Service commitment if for the calendar year. Committees meet 4-6 times a year unless otherwise noted. Serving in any of these capacities is a pathway to serving on the board.

    Committees and their composition and areas of responsibilities are listed below.

    Advocacy and Policy Committee
    This committee will research ordinances, regulations, and propositions at the local, state and national levels that will impact the Asian Pacific American business community. It will recommend positions to take to the board who will then vote on whether to adopt the recommendations. This committee will mainly work by email and meet only when necessary.

    Development and Communications Committee
    This committee is tasked with strategies for securing funding for GAACC, keeping in mind our current programs. It will review GAACC’s sponsorship structure, identify potential donors, and ensure that our communication reflects our mission and programs.

    Membership and Programs Committee 
    This committee will review GAACC’s programs to ensure there is both a balance among our different missions for our members, grantors, as well as the APA business community at large. It will advise the board on changes or new programs to offer keeping in mind resources needed.

    Ovation Planning Committee
    This committee is responsible for planning our annual celebration of APA Heritage Month on May 18. They will work with the event planner and staff, make recommendations on honorees, entertainment and other event details, while keeping to the budget. Meetings will be held January-May on a biweekly and then weekly basis close to the event.

    Fall Classic Planning Committee
    This committee will plan GAACC’s annual golf tournament in October. They will work with staff to select venue, hole games, entertainment and food for this event, while adhering to budget goals. Meetings will be held July-October on a biweekly basis.

    Interested in serving on a committees in 2018? Complete this online application

    Ambassadors & Liaisons

    Ambassadors are GAACC members on steroids! They attend orientations, ribbon cuttings and mixers. They are so special that they get their pictures on our website. They let people know about our programs and resources, and act as a buddy for new members, reaching out to the newbie, personally inviting them to an upcoming event, and introducing them to other members.

    Interested in serving as an ambassador in 2018? Complete this online application

    Liaisons help GAACC support our corporate partners by essentially being their relationship manager. They are expected to meet with the assigned corporate partner (CP) quarterly, invite the CP to GAACC events, and update the CP about GAACC's accomplishments.

    Interested in serving as a liaison in 2018? Complete this online application

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